Butterie Butter Dish

Butterie Butter Dish

Blueberry Barn

  • $ 14.99

Did you know that you could leave real butter out on the counter without any spoilage?  Yes, you can leave butter at room temperature for three weeks and it is perfectly safe to consume.

However, the problem with room temperature butter is that it's messy.  Leaving it in the wrapper makes it difficult to use, and using a traditional 2-piece butter dish makes a mess of the butter and your counter.

Butterie is a stylish butter dish that allows people to easily and conveniently enjoy soft, spreadable butter anytime.  The attached flip-top lid on this one-piece design is a must for your kitchen.  It is small enough that it doesn't take up much counter space and yet it is roomy enough to hold 2 sticks of butter!

It is dishwasher safe, microwave safe, shatterproof and includes easy-grip handles and a non-slip base. You can choose from a soft blue or ivory.