What is the Best Way to Eat Blueberries?

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Eating more blueberries means that you’re eating more fiber. And that equals a reduced risk of heart disease, better digestion and a decreased risk of some cancers. Ready to add blueberries into your diet?

top 8 best ways to eat blueberries by The Blueberry Barn

Blueberries are delicious no matter how you eat them. This tasty summer berry is perfect in everything from salads and sauces to muffins and pancakes. And who can deny the sweet pop of a fresh berry picked right from the bush.  

These Georgia-grown berries are tasty, sure… but they’re also packed with nutrition. So much so that they’re a superfood! In addition to being packed with fiber, they’re an excellent source of Vitamin C. Just 1 cup or handful has only 80 calories and is naturally low in sodium and fat. 

Besides our jellies, muffin mixes and coffees, here are 8 of our favorite ways to eat these blue dynamos. 

The 8 Best Ways to Enjoy Blueberries 

  1. Delicious Salads – Add whole fresh blueberries to mixed greens, chopped walnuts and a few spoons of feta cheese. Mix it with a balsamic vinaigrette and dinner is served! 
  2. A Simple Dessert – Add a handful of blueberries to a slice of pound cake or angel food cake and top with homemade vanilla ice cream. 
  3. Blueberry Ade – Here’s a twist on the traditional lemonade. Purée a handful of fresh or frozen blueberries and pour them into a pitcher with lemon juice, water, a touch of sugar and a few fresh mint leaves. Serve it over ice and watch the day go by! 
  4. Healthy Waffles – Top your pancakes or waffles with blueberries instead of drowning them in syrup. Or grab a bottle of blueberry syrup and double the flavor.
  5. Blueberry Smoothie – This is perfect for frozen berries. Blend a cup of blueberries (no need to thaw them out) with real orange juice for a fresh start to your morning. Add a banana if you want a thicker smoothie. 
  6. Blueberry Parfait – Grab a tall glass and layer low-fat frozen yogurt with blueberries. For added texture, add a layer of crushed almonds (or cookies if you’re indulgent) in between. 
  7. Fancy Blueberry Balsamic Reduction – Bring balsamic to a boil and then simmer it on low heat until it reduces to a syrup. Top a bowl of low-fat frozen yogurt with the reduction and fresh blueberries for a sweet, tart and tangy evening dessert. 
  8. Fresh Off the Bush – You can’t beat a handful of these sweet Georgia blues in your mouth. Best when they’re warm from the summer sun or at room temperature. 

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