In the Spotlight: Blueberry Jam, Jelly, and Syrup

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If you glance at the shelves in The Blueberry Barn, you might catch sight of the jars of locally made blueberry jams and jellies.

find local blueberry jam, jelly and syrup at the blueberry barn in alma, georgia

Made with Bacon County grown blueberries, these delicious spreads are perfect for flavoring up any ordinary breakfast.

Both great on toast or bagels, you can also add some pizzazz to pancakes and muffins with sweet and healthy blueberry jam and jelly.

Simply made by Big Boy Farms, the jam includes the whole berry, while the jelly consists of the sweet and tangy blueberry juice. Lathering up your toast or hot biscuits with this smooth blueberry goodness is a great way to take in the vitamins and antioxidants that blueberries contain.

Resting beside these jars are the 16 ounce bottles of blueberry syrup. Made also by Big Boy Farms with the same blue dynamos, this sticky topping adds some extra oomph to pancakes, waffles, and even cakes and ice cream.

So grab yourself a jar and pour some syrup on your next breakfast treat! It’s healthy and delicious!

Just swing by The Blueberry Barn next time you’re in town and get you a jar or two of our locally made blueberry jam, jelly, and syrup!

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