Blueberry Themed Gifts for Mother’s Day

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4 Mother's Day blueberry gifts that she'll want to dig into immediately. But be warned, you'll want to buy these for yourself too.

blueberry gift ideas for mother's day

A handwritten card and a visit will always make for a special Mother’s Day gift, but if you really want to spoil her this May, blueberries are the not-so-secret key to her heart. 

While fresh blueberries are always a great option, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box with a scented blueberry candle, blueberry coffee or even a pancake or muffin mix. 

My family has personally taste-tested the products in my shop, and I can confirm that if your mom has a sweet tooth, we can put together a basket that she’ll love. 

4 Best Blueberry Gifts for Mother’s Day 

With a shop filled with blueberry products, narrowing down my top 4 sure wasn’t easy! The ones below are guaranteed to solidify your position as the favorite child and let your mom know how much you care. 

Just be sure that she gets a visit from you along with the gift! 

  1. Goat Milk Soap – Made with smooth, creamy goat’s milk, our blueberry scented soap forms a rich lather and helps keep her skin moisturized and youthful. What mom wouldn't want that? 
  2. Coffee – If your mom is anything like the mothers I know, she’ll appreciate a good cup of coffee and a chance to relax. Whether you want ground coffee that fills her kitchen with the sweet scent of summer blueberries, or wild blueberry coffee in convenient K-Cups, we have the blueberry-flavored energy boost she needs. Want to make it even sweeter? Brew a cup for her and offer to clean the kitchen. She’ll love that. 
  3. Muffin Mix – Our selection of muffin, pancake and cornbread mixes are super easy and require only a few ingredients. You can even make a batch of muffins for her and surprise her on Sunday. For extra deliciousness, drop a few fresh berries in the mix before baking. 
  4. Blueberry Salsa – Give your mom a vacation without actually going anywhere. With our blueberry salsa, she’ll be transported south of the border with the tangy, spicy flavors that salsa is known for. And since it’s packed with blueberries, you’ll do her heart a huge favor, too! 

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